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Tell Yaocntee, Catering to Your Specific Needs

Yacontee offers customized modification services. After years of monitoring user case studies, we've identified a common issue of insufficient functionality with standard machines. Hence, we have introduced product upgrade and modification services. Whether it’s adding anti-collision sensors, converting from diesel engines to battery power systems, incorporating lifting and lateral shifting functionalities, or installing automatic lubrication and infrared alignment systems, we can meet your needs. Based on your specific requirements and the product’s characteristics, we will propose viable modification solutions to optimize product performance.

Yacontee's Modification Services include:

  1. Anti-collision Sensing System: Enhances safety by preventing collisions with obstacles during operation.

  2. Explosion-proof Modification: Suitable for flammable and explosive environments to ensure equipment and operator safety.

  3. Diesel to Electric Conversion Service: Replaces traditional diesel engines with electric systems for environmental efficiency.

  4. Lifting Functionality: Adds versatility to equipment, improving operational efficiency.

  5. Automatic Lubrication System: Reduces maintenance efforts and extends equipment lifespan.

  6. Automatic Battery Water Filling System: Simplifies maintenance and ensures battery performance.

  7. Customized Work Platform Modification: Tailors platforms to specific operational needs.

  8. Elevation Infrared Alignment System: Increases positioning accuracy for enhanced efficiency and safety.

  9. Wireless Remote Control System: Enables remote operation, increasing convenience and safety.