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Shanghai Maglev Train - HTA16P

Project:Shanghai Maglev Train - HTA16P

Datetime: 2019-09-23     Hits: 735

The Shanghai Maglev train project, one of the important projects in the development of modern urban transport in China, has received international attention for its creative, efficient, and environmentally friendly qualities. However, as the line gradually spr..


Chengdu Metro - CELA DT24

Project:Chengdu Metro - CELA DT24

Datetime: 2018-12-14     Hits: 1125

Recently, a milestone event in the construction and operation of Chengdu Metro has garnered attention: the smooth delivery and deployment of two Yacontee CELA DT24 aerial work platforms. This marks not only a new debut for Yacontee in the aerial work platform ..