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Yacontee Embarks on New Factory Construction Project: A Milestone Event

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KYC_2912Shanghai Yacontee Industrial Co., Ltd. marked a significant milestone on March 15, 2024, with the inauguration of its new factory construction project in Shanghai's Songjiang district. This event not only signifies a pivotal moment in Yacontee's growth but also underscores its commitment to optimizing its operational environment and elevating service standards.The groundbreaking ceremony attracted numerous dignitaries and guests, including Mr. Zhang Huixiang, Director of the Zhangzhou Liaison Office in Shanghai; Mr. Wu Jinrong, President of the Shanghai Zhangzhou Chamber of Commerce; and Mr. Lin Wenhui, President of the Shanghai Zhao'an Chamber of Commerce. Their presence reflected the collective support and goodwill extended towards Yacontee.

Zhang Wenjie, General Manager of Yacontee, delivered a poignant address, reflecting on the company's journey thus far and expressing heartfelt appreciation to all supporters. He emphasized that the new facility's construction is pivotal in realizing the company's strategic objectives, enhancing its competitive edge, and demonstrating unwavering confidence in its future trajectory.KYC_2942Speech by Mr. Zhang Wenjie, the General Manager of Yacontee

Ms. Liu Lijuan, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Tongji Construction Co., Ltd., conveyed the construction team's commitment to ensuring top-notch quality and timely completion of the project. Additionally, Mr. Lin Wenhui, Mr. Wu Jinrong, and Mr. Zhang Huixiang lauded Yacontee's remarkable accomplishments in high-altitude operations, extending their best wishes for the success of the new factory.


Ms Liu Lijuan (top left), Mr Lin Wenhui (top right), Mr Wu Jinrong (bottom left), and Mr Zhang Huixiang (bottom right) all gave speeches during the ceremony


Mr Wu Jingrong, Mr Zhang Wenjie, and Mr Zhang Huixiang are dotting the Lion and Dragon's eyes. 

The event concluded with an earth-filling ceremony, marking the official commencement of the new factory's construction in the presence of esteemed leaders and guests. This ambitious construction project not only expands Yacontee's office space but also integrates various operations, including parking, warehousing, and employee activities, thereby optimizing the company's operational ecosystem. Yacontee views this opportunity as a catalyst for continuous improvement in service quality, expansion of its business footprint, and pursuit of greater success. With the successful launch of the groundbreaking ceremony, the construction of Shanghai Yacontee Industrial Co., Ltd.'s new plant is now underway. Yacontee remains committed to fostering innovation and pragmatism, as it scripts new chapters in the company's evolution. Let us eagerly anticipate the early completion of the new factory, laying the groundwork for Yacontee's promising future!